As featured on ESPN, Hardcore is the Caribbean’s obstacle course adventure challenge series. In 2014 we’re in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. Designed to test not only physical fitness but determination, courage and strength of character, Hardcore events are the ultimate test of all round human endurance.

If you can make it through, under and over 20+ military-style obstacles designed by elite military personnel, you’ll earn deep self-respect and right to call yourself Hardcore.

Hardcore might be a serious test of endurance, but our philosophy is that to get through the toughest of situations, maintaining a sense of humour is imperative. That’s why we have prizes for best individual and best team fancy dress.

You can’t take yourself too seriously leopard crawling under barbed wire if you’re dressed as a pirate, and with the promise of a beastly cold beer waiting for you at the finish line, now can you?

Are you ready to unleash the warrior within?